People see success in a multitude of definitions and measurements; we define your goals with you and never lose sight of those. Regardless of what the short-term goal is, we review and project long-term initiatives to ensure all key benchmarks are achieved. BEC understands investments are the foundation of an elongated business venture.


Recognizing the development and impact we have had from an economic level, to creating a solution where none existed before, is our specialty. We are motivated by defining forecasted revenue an investor can make, offering clear solutions, and determining how to work in tandem with our clients. Whether we are helping our clients reach a million dollars in the third year of business, or consistently teaching how to achieve goals and stay relevant in the marketplace, our motivation is success. We continue to deliver this to our clients and most importantly, to those they serve.


BEC works with each client independently and specifically. We identify client needs, outline business goals, and define a timeline for completion of these. Blue Eyes Consulting can deliver a customized scope of services in a multitude of ways. We provide delivery of A-Z proposal through fulfillment, or partner with your internal team to deliver a comprehensive business plan that is then jointly executed in tandem with our teams. Often, as a solution for out-of-state clients, BEC can create a full business plan that is presented with training. When BEC finalizes a partnership agreement, we continue to be a resource for all clients to ensure continued success. While these are the most common types of plans, BEC will tailor and customize any strategy to meet your vision, goals, and needs. Like an interior designer who designs homes, or an event designer who transforms a blank canvas into a thematic design, we guide you in developing the details.


Blue Eyes Consulting has served the hospitality community locally and nationally for 12 years.  It is a huge credit to the outstanding event management teams and industry professional consultants that have supported the continued success of Blue Eyes Consulting, our venues and clients!  It is of special appreciation to these three amazing professionals below for their efforts over the years and through March, 2020.  At this time as the Blue Eyes Consulting owner, I am working strategically with owners, developers and venue architects to deliver exceptional service at the visionary/assessment phase vs. the reoccurring tactical implementation!  I look forward to connecting and realizing your vision coming to fruition.

– Patty

PATTY MOSER, President / Owner / Founder

Patty Moser has been a part of the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Her experience spans from hotels to destination management companies, an event design firm, event management, and venue development. After college, Patty joined Hyatt before venturing statewide in the fulfillment of destination management services. In 2001, Patty started her own consulting business and secured the Denver Broncos as one of her first accounts. The responsibility of opening the special events department at INVESCO Field was at hand which involved developing, fulfilling and benchmarking everything from systems to procedures, creating templates, writing business plans and more. With continuous years of over 250 events annually at INVESCO Field, it was time for more! With the support of ownership, Patty launched the consulting division of Edge Sports & Entertainment (ESE), a Pat Bowlen Sports company. As the Director of Business Development for ESE, Patty reached into the local and national markets to teach the same best practices on creating non-traditional revenues streams to other professional teams, local venues and a multitude of companies in the hospitality industry.

October 2008 the circle became complete when Patty left the Bowlen Sports Family to reignite her consulting company, Blue Eyes Consulting.   Patty continues today with her commitment to excellence in all that she does and prides herself on being efficient and effective! Blue Eyes Consulting is a business development consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation business strategies, serving as a marketing specialist, venue development designer, a creator of non-traditional revenue streams for organizations as well as event planning are amongst a few of the regular sought after scope of services.  Should your project seek continuing support, we will refer the professionals seasoned to serve.

Amy Lugowski

Amy Lugowski has over 20 years of experience in the events industry with both public and private events. Amy’s career began on the public side of events with Arizona Stadium Management (ASU) in Tempe, Arizona and led her to events such as Super Bowl XXX, Fiesta Bowls and more. From Arizona, Amy moved to Colorado where she completed her degree in Sports Industry Operations and Marketing. Her professional pursuit took her to the Denver Broncos, Mile High Stadium and eventually INVESCO Field at Mile High where she was the Events Coordinator for all ticketed/public events, managing the Guest Relations program and staff. Eventually, she transitioned to the private side of events as the Special Events Coordinator for the stadium. After six years with the team, Amy moved on to an association as the Conference Manager, planning educational conferences and meetings across the U.S.

Looking for a greater challenge, Amy moved on to a meetings and incentives company where she spent three years planning all aspects of meetings, conferences, incentive trips and events throughout the world. In quest of a lifestyle change, Amy joined the team at Infinity Park Event Center as the Director of Sales in 2008 where she opened the Event Center and laid the groundwork for success in one of Denver’s newest event venues. A member of the Blue Eyes Team since 2009, Amy is thrilled to be able to bring all her years of planning, operations, and production together to provide clients with an exemplary experience! Amy previously served on the Board of Directors as President for a non-profit foundation, A Walk to Remember, is co-founder and serving on the Board of Directors for non-profit Beautiful Journey Foundation and is involved with various organizations in the hospitality industry.

Brittney Griffin

Brittney Griffin, a graduate from Colorado State University joined the Blue Eyes Consulting team in 2013 with the requisite passion and dedication for the company’s success. Prior to graduating from college, Brittney fulfilled the responsibilities of an intern for Blue Eyes Consulting. Opening her eyes to the possibilities of the hospitality industry and learning from two mentors, Patty and Amy, she was encouraged to continue and grow with Blue Eyes Consulting. As the social media management point person, Brittney initially fulfilled marketing efforts for the company’s clients through a variety of social media outlets.  Since she has stepped into the role of venue manage for several top Denver venues.  In tandem and to support the growth of Blue Eyes initiatives, Brittney conducts research and analysis for clients’ business competitors and potential clientele.

Brittney was recognized by the hospitality industry at the 2018 Colorado Meeting + Events Best Of Awards as the “Up-and-Coming Special Events Professional”.

Elizabeth Bonder

Elizabeth received her BS in Business from Colorado State University in 2013 with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics. In the Autumn of 2013, she moved to Orange County, California and worked for a boutique advertising agency in Laguna Beach. She then made her way up the coast to the marketing department of a CAD software reseller in Newport Beach.

In these roles, and as a freelancer, Elizabeth gained extensive experience in graphic design and social media tactics, strategy, and implementation. Elizabeth has been with BEC since moving back to Colorado in 2016 and her expertise in social media marketing has built an audience of tens of thousands for BEC clients and in 2017 and 2018, she created over 32 million organic social media impressions for BEC clients across four major social platforms.


When selecting to work with Blue Eyes Consulting, the benefits of outsourcing are ideal for your development, as the risk and investment is in the expertise. When contracting with Blue Eyes Consulting, the following will be realized:

• The working business model implemented immediately.
• Qualified consultant team without the cost of salaries plus benefits.
• Team of professional consultants that fit a varied level of needs.
• Short term commitment with minimal risks.
• Efficient execution based on direct business development experience.
• Reduced overhead so the value of your consultant is 100% time and not associated fees.
• Proven expertise with success in compartmentalizing lower results oriented tasks.
• Availability to perform all anticipated responsibilities and those not yet foreseen.
• Dedicated consultant to focusing solely on business development and targeted growth initiatives.